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Have you ever wondered what your Hawaii Termite control options are? Here are 3 effective termite treatments:

a_ground_termite_infestation_3Hawaii Termites are not something you want to discover eating away your home or business, but thanks to modern pest control technologies termite control is not only possible but relatively painless. The best termite control is to prevent them from first entering your home; always ensure wood and plants are not touching the exterior of your home, immediatley replace dry rot, and keep undergrowth away from your homes foundation or pier pad framing. In Hawaii’s tropical climate you may not be able to keep your home termite free, but you can take measures and steps to reduce the possibility of a termite attack.

Liquid Termite Treatments

The most common of termite treatments, liquid termiticides are drilled / placed into the foundation of your home by a licensed liquid termite control specialist. Once the termites exoskeletons are exposed to the liquid termiticide, they will spread to and within their colonies. Liquid termite treatments are an effective, low cost termite control solution.

Bait Termite Systems

Bait systems are another minimally invasive Hawaii termite control solution. Bait and trap systems are placed along the exterior of your home and property. The termites are attracted to the bait stations and will consume the pesticide. The pesticides are brought back to the termite colony and are an effective method in controling and killing termite swarms.

Bait systems need to be replaced annually and can be damaged by pets and weather.

Fumigation Treatment

Normally a last resort pest control option, termite fumigations are a much more common in Hawaii and the tropics. Fumigation treatments are used when multiple termite colonies are found in a home. The level of toxicity and amount of pesticides used is significantly stronger and has close to a 100% termite kill rate.

During the fumigation process, termite exterminators will completely tent off a home and employ gasses that reach the homes every nook and cranny. Home and business owners are required to leave the home for several days and bag food and other household items.

If you suspect you may have a termite infestation, it’s best to call your local termite control specialist right away.



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