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4 Pest Control Tips for the Holiday Season

Christmas Tree with Ornaments

  1. Inspect Holiday Decorations

For most, holiday decorations are stored in the attic, basement, crawl space, or garage. All places in a house common for a wide variety of insects and other uninvited pests. Because decorations are typically used once a year, critters can find a home and go undisturbed for months before being discovered. While most people use bags or boxes that don’t fully cover, it’s always best practice to store decorations in air-tight sealed containers to keep pests out. Before placing decorative objects around your home and hanging them on the Christmas tree, thoroughly check for bugs, droppings, and signs of damage especially if they have been stored in open and exposed containers.

  1. Keep A Clean Home

The holiday season is a time for gathering. For many in Hawaii, that means lots of parties and dinners with family and friends. After you’ve had your fill of pupus and holiday favorites it’s highly recommended that you keep the kitchen and dining room clean by storing leftovers securely, throwing away all trash and uneaten food properly, wiping down tables, and clearing out the sink. If you leave these items alone, you run the risk of ants, cockroaches, and possibly rodents getting into your home.

  1. Watch Out For Hitchhikers

For those traveling away for the holidays, be on the lookout for bed bugs. While usually associated with dirty spaces, bed bugs are present almost anywhere that humans reside. Once arriving at a hotel, make sure to thoroughly inspect the room before opening up luggage and settling in. The most common places bed bugs can be found are on or around mattresses or box springs, bed frames, nightstands, furniture, and even electrical outlets. During your stay make sure to keep luggage on top of luggage racks and away from access. For more information on bed bug prevention check out our previous post on bed bugs.

  1. Use Pest Control Services

Due to Hawaii’s warm tropical climate, our environment is perfect for a wide variety of pests to thrive. Pest control in the islands is an almost year-round necessity. However, with proper home maintenance and regular monitoring and control programs it’s easy to live a pest-free lifestyle. If termites and pests are a concern of yours this holiday season, our expert technicians are available for a free inspection.



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