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Hawaii Centipedes FAQ’s

hawaii_centipede_removalHawaii has several types of centipedes, but perhaps the most feared is the Indonesian Centipede. Known for its radiant colors and large size (up to 20cm in length), the Hawaii centipede can move with surprising quickness and deliver a very painful bite.


Hawaii Centipede Diet

Unlike other Hawaii Pests, the centipede does not feed on discarded kitchen food, but rather on spiders and occasionally mice, reptiles or amphibians of the centipede is large enough to kill. It uses a pair of sharp claws that connect to venomous glands to disable its prey.

Centipede Bite

The centipede bite can be painful and induce swelling and a fever. Apply a cold compress to the bite and use cortisone to reduce pain and irritation.

Signs of  a Centipede Infestation

Because the centipede is mostly nocturnal, most people are completely unaware if their home has acentipede infestation. Centipedes are nearly completely blind and use antennae to detect vibrations. They seek out dry, warm locations which they often mistake for the bed and blankets of humans.

If you suspect you have a centipede infestation, contact Kamaaina Termite and Pest Control for a FREEcentipede inspection.



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