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hawaii kai tent fumigationFumigation is a pest control technique that involves sealing a property and using Vikane gas to prevent and control a pest infestation.
There are two fumigation techniques. The first is to seal the entire space or area with sealing materials, plastic, or tapes. The other is by confining the area with a tent. Such tents are made of vinyl-coated nylon tarpaulins.

Prior to the fumigation, all plants, pets, and persons must be removed from the space or structure to be fumigated.
Also, feed, medicine, food not sealed in glass, highly resistant containers, or metal must be sealed in protective bags or removed from the area or structure as instructed by the fumigant manufacturer.

Benefits of Fumigating your Hawaii House

  • Fumigation ensures all the hard-to-reach areas in a home or structure are rid of pests and termites.
  • For homeowners who intend to sell their home, fumigation ensures the house passes termite and pest inspection.
  • Fumigation prevents diseases from spreading.
  • Fumigants are poisonous to all forms of life. As such, they can control all life stages of termites and pests.
  • The time required to perform a complete fumigation varies. Fumigation can take within six hours to one week. The length of time depends on the type of infestation, size of the fumigated space, dosage, temperature, and some other factors.

Kamaaina Termite and Pest Control is a certified pest and termite control professional company based in Hawaii. We specialize in tent fumigation and pest management solutions for homes, businesses, and realtors. For any type of space or structure fumigation call us on 808-591-9997 or email



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