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With the beginning of a new year, it’s always a good idea to take a pest control baseline of your home or property. Hawaii pests are active year round, so it’s always important to be vigilant and on the look out for recent pest activity.

5 Hawaii Pest Prevention Tips

2015_Pest_Prevention_TipsTaking basic steps will ensure you keep your home free of pests and other unwanted intruders.

Check for possible pest entrances: Rats, mice and other pests can fit through extremely small entrances. Pay particular attention to screens, doors, vent covers, and pipe entrances and exits. Make sure they are in good repair and are caulked in order to prevent pest access.

Trim back trees and bushes: Pests use foliage to access your home. Trees and bushes should be trimmed regularly to prevent pest access.

Rubbish cans secured: Unsecured trash cans are a major attractant to pests. Make sure cans have secured lids and do not have holes in the rubbish cans. Additionally, make sure all pet food is stored undercover and in a secured container as unsecured pet food is an easy food source for pest.

Clean floors and counters: Always make sure your home is clear of crumbs and spills. All food and or liquid should be immediately cleaned up as food and moisture are the #1 reason why pests find homes so attractive. Additionally, store food such as grains and cereal in air-tight containers.

Have your home inspected by a professional: The best way to keep your home pest free is to have a pest control specialist regularly examine your property. They can point out potential problem areas in your home and show you best ‘pest control practices.’ With their knowledge and expertise, a pest control expert can save you thousands of dollars in potential damage by spotting pest activity before it becomes an infestation.

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