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Got Hawaii Fruit flies?

Hawaii_fruit_FliesWhat steps should you take if you have a Fruit Fly infestation?In Hawaii, fruit fly control is a year round battle, but with a little effort you can have a fruit fly free home.

Fruit Flies feed mostly on ripe fruit and vegetables, or anything that is fermenting such as Kombucha tea or Kimchee.

Signs You May Have A Fruit Fly Infestation

If you can see either the adult flies or the pupae, signs are you probably have a fruit fly infestation on your hands. Adult flies tend to hover around fruit bowls, rubbage bins, but can also be attracted to wine or beer bottles/cans in recycling bins or boxes.

In Hawaii, we have several species of fruit flies: Melon fly, Mediterranean fruit fly, Oriental fruit fly, and the Solanaceous fruit fly.

Fruit Fly Control

hawaii_house_fly_controlWhat To Do: Fruit Flies are notoriously difficult to eliminate completely. They are small and are attracted to anything organic and sugary–that not only includes fruit, but meat, soda and alcohol as well. All fruit should be either put in your ice-box/refrigerator or placed in sealed plastic bags. Keep counters clean and free of spills; regularly remove all trash and rubbish. Keep garbage cans as far from the homes primary entrance as possible.

Double check to make sure you do not have any accessible organic matter, as this is where fruit flies lay their eggs. Dispose or compost all over-ripe fruits and vegetables. Make sure garbage cans and recycling bins are kept clean and away from home entrance or open windows. Open water sources can also be breeding grounds for yard based fruit flies (as well as mosquitoes); drain all standing water.

Fruit Fly Traps

There are several types of traps that you can purchase either at your local outdoor and home improvement store or make yourself.

  • Non-toxic food/protein based liquid traps: Flies that enter trap cannot escape to continue breeding.
  • Yellow Sticky board: These can be used with or without attractants.
  • Lure Traps: Also known as a tent trap, removable, sticky insert floor to catch flies and a cotton wick for the lure.
  • DIY Traps: Emply various types of trapping containers and utilize vinegar traps.



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