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Oahu Tent Fumigation

This image is a textbook example of a properly tented home. Tents are perfectly aligned and pins are spaced and tightly ordered. Nice work Kamaaina Termite crew!

What Exactly is Tent Fumigation?

If you have ever wondered what exactly is happening beneath the red and black tents, we will quickly dispel the mystery. Tent fumigation’s are a method of pest control that uses Vikane gas to eliminate pests or drywood termite infestations. The entire structure is enclosed within a gas-tight tent composed of specially designed coated tarps that seals in the gas.

Once the tent edges are tightly sealed and the fumigation technicians have gone through their checklists, Vikane gas is then released into the sealed structure. The gas is then allowed to remain in the structure for a specific amount of time before the structure is opened up and allowed to vent and ‘air-out.’

In Hawaii, tent fumigation is often a required step during the home purchase and sale process. Tent fumigation is often the only way to completely remove drywood termites from your home.

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