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Pest & Termite Control Spring Specials & Coupons


Kama’aina Termite and Pest Control’s spring termite treatment and pest control specials are nothing short of amazing! $799 for full service Sentricon treatment and $599 Termidor ground termite treatment, is a tremendous value for the pest control needs of our Kamaaina.


Sentricon termite treatment is the pest controls industry leader on termite management. Scientifically engineereed to attract termites, termites feed on it without ever realizing it is a threat. Sentricon removes the termites ability to eat, breed or survive–this results in the death of the queen and the complete collapse of the termite colony.

Termidor Ground Termite Control treatments is an ‘undetectable,’ scientifically proven technology that eradicates termites from residential or commercial properties.  Termites cannot detect, smell, or tasteTermidor liquid; this leads to cross ingestion, sharing and contact with other termites and the inevitable elimination of the entire termite colony.



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